Transparency in Government

When I first decided to throw my name into the hat and run for Mayor of Strathcona County, I had no problem signing the AUMA pledge.

The pledge includes:

A promise to keep local elections local by focusing my campaign on issues that municipal elected officials can influence. To do that, I deliberately stayed away from provincial and federal issues and even school board issues. I did not promise anyone to reverse any decisions or to override the province on vaccine mandates.

Maintain independence and non-partisanship by rejecting any endorsements which would undermine my accountability to municipal residents or the autonomy of the municipality. I did that by NOT requesting any endorsements from organizations, unions, political parties, or politicians (current or past).

Demonstrate transparency by sharing my vision for the municipality and providing pre-election disclosure of campaign contributions and spending. I did that by posting my current campaign donations list. I will continue to update it until the donations are done.

Engage in respectful behaviour by sharing my perspective, while respecting and seeking to understand differences. I did this by refraining from name-calling or becoming personal. I did not see eye to eye on other candidates' platforms, but I addressed the platform, not the person.

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